Prepare to Meet Thy…Mall?

Amos 4:12 that says to “Prepare to meet thy God.”  Very few folks young or old are preparing to meet God.  The way we live life looks more like we’re preparing to meet our banker.  Or that we’re getting ready for a trip to a giant mall in the afterlife.  King Tut and the Egyptians thought so.  They packed their tombs full of valuables, presumably looking forward to luxury accommodations beyond the grave.

Of course ten seconds into death’s journey, they discovered that no one on the other side was impressed with gold.  And by the way, plastic isn’t accepted there, either.  Preparing to meet God means an awareness that the things around us are transitory and should only be assigned so much importance.  It means that we are stocking up on eternal things, while going easy on the fluff.

Pack for a trip that ends with standing in front of  “the judge of all the earth” (Gen. 18:25).

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