Outmaneuvering Jesus on Sexual Issues

While Christian men might not outright disobey Jesus, they still try to outmaneuver Him.  For instance He told us “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matt. 5:28).  Looking with lust is the real issue here.  Now for most of us that nails pornography against the wall and brands our use of it as evil.  But for the rest of us the case is not closed…far from it.  For instance:  1.  What if the viewer is single and the woman being viewed is single?  How can “adultery” then be involved?  2.  The women depicted are digital and therefore “not real” (at least by the time the viewer gets involved).  3.  Isn’t viewing a lot better than going out and doing it?  4.  It hurts absolutely no one.  5.  Infrequent use of porn is okay.  6.  (And here’s one for the ladies) Since Jesus’ words here are addressed toward men, females can use porn guilt-free.

These are the reasons and thoughts of any number of single Christians that have a porn habit.  Have they missed something while looking for loopholes?  I think so.

Married guys have a similar GPS style evasion system:  1.  Sex with the wife has gone cold; porn helps provide that need.  2.  Removes pressure from the wife to provide sexual intimacy.  3.  Viewing is better than going out and having a physical affair.  4.  It hurts no one.

Have these guys missed something while reasoning and looking for loopholes?  Again, yes.

I once saw a man on a lake that tried to maneuver his boat around an obstacle.  He successfully skirted it only to lodge squarely on top of something else that was a lot worse.  Half the boat was out of the water on top of a wicked looking stump.  He would have been better off  just slowly fording through the  difficult area that he originally tried to avoid.  Attempting to outmaneuver Jesus on this issue will land you in worse difficulties.  Christians would do well to remember that we call Jesus “Lord” for a lot of reasons.  For one thing He is smarter than you.  Did He really mean for His words to be so parsed and dissected in Matthew 5 that it allows for young single people to become porn rats?  Could the spirit of what He said there in any sense have addressed larger issues related to sexual purity, maybe to deal with an element of corruption that seems to thrive in the human heart?  And here’s one for married guys:  I wonder if Jesus knew that sometimes  in marriages sexual intimacy would fizzle, which would signal a need to work on the marriage (not retreat to a private back room where you could watch others being intimate).

It’s not worth it to argue with the Lord of the universe on this or to play with His words until they are full of holes.  Let’s just deal with the issue, instead.

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