Outmaneuvering Moses on Sexual Issues

What golfing competitors couldn’t do to Tiger Woods on the green, he did to himself in private.  Eventually someone’s going to complain that we let the poor man have it just for making a mistake.  But did someone say “Mistake?”  Evidence emerged that this was anything but  a passion-of-the-moment tryst.  Woods apparently had a calculated lifestyle of adultery.  Moses wrote, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”  Sounds old, stodgy, and confining, doesn’t it?–laughable if you’ve got it going on with millions in sponsors, legions of adoring followers, talent, visibility, and fame.  It almost seems that a young billionaire ought to be  entitled to an exception.  His case is special, isn’t it?  Surely a very old commandment doesn’t control the behavior of someone who owns a jet and has a fan club.  Moses, it seems, can be outmaneuvered with this kind of thinking.There’s a couple of things that needs to be remembered as we talk about this:  first, that Moses wasn’t the ultimate source of the anti-adultery commandment; God was.  Second, sexual sins have a habit of wandering out into the open, even if you’ve taken special pains to conceal them.  They’re like a corpse that is always buried too shallow.  Indeed, no one can seem to bury it deeply enough.  A dog digs it up or rain washes away the top soil, or a backhoe uncovers it.  It’s always something.  Even a billionaire using vast personal resources can’t hide it.  There’s power behind those words “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”   Better not trifle with them.  Just ask the politicians, celebrities, and religious figures who’ve been busted over adulterous scandals in the past few years.  Ministries were lost and careers destroyed.  Images have been forever tarnished.  Families have been irreconcilably damaged.

Remember, it’s a commandment, not a suggestion.

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