Real Faith Can’t Be Checked at the Door

The White House has decided to have an unreligious Christmas. Some will undoubtedly  give this a big thumbs-up because of the mindless “inclusiveness” philosophy that has afflicted this country.  it is as though we are on a crusade to prove that our nation’s history has had nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian ethic.

The White House decision has been hatched out of a desire to show respect for other faiths, but can’t we respect those faiths without hiding our own?  The President supposedly has religious beliefs that fall under the influence of Christianity(unless he staged his faith merely to get the Christian vote–but let’s hope not).  Do we honestly expect a head of state to completely divorce himself from his most cherished ideals while occupying the oval office?  Can such a thing be done?   If someone can check his faith at the door, was it really faith to begin with?  Folks do this, like when they suspend faith while handling business transactions.  I heard about a church leader who was cutting a business deal with a church member and told him, “I keep church and business separate.”  The member should have seen a big red flag waving at that moment.Because when people can neatly manage to divide faith (which typically represent their higher values) from conduct in certain areas of life,  bad things are about to happen.  Well, as it turned out, that church leader was right.  His faith definitely was separate from his business.  He did a shoddy job, refused to make it right, and then all but stonewalled the hapless church member for months after that.  In a manner of speaking, he got away with robbery.   Now I understand that faith requires a different mode of expression in different settings.  It isn’t supposed to always be in everyone’s face.  But can a man ever be cleanly free from its influence?  Can I declare myself to be a non-Christian in non-church settings, so as not to offend everyone?  If I am only a Christian “out loud”  one hour on Sunday, then my faith is in danger of becoming an accessory that I pick up or put down when convenience calls for it.  It’s not part of me.  Christians were told in the Book of Hebrews to “hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering” (10:23).  “Hold fast” is the opposite of “suspend” “put on ice” or even “downplay.”  And while no one wants to hear heads of state spouting religious tirades into microphones, shame on the few and the loud who try to pressure them into laundering out any semblance of personal Christian belief or conviction.


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