New year, or Same Old Garbage?

The New Year is a time usually marked with celebration and not much else.  But if you had a crappy, disappointing year, it might give you pause.  Questions like “How will I spend the next year?” start coming up, and “Do I really want a repeat of the last 12 months?”   Anyone with a shred of honesty would say that even if 2009 was a banner year, there are some things that it would be good to stop doing—like the late night donuts and chocolate cake.  Naturally there are other particulars that will lead to worse things than weight gain, like, uh, divorce, lung cancer, liver damage, or bankruptcy.  Of course I would strongly encourage you to address those things, even if they’re going to be a bear to deal with.   A very good advantage to still being alive on this earth is that it isn’t too late to get a new start.  Actually we get one, in miniature, every single New Year, even if it only means a change of calendar and not of life.  

So, it’s time for the proverbial resolution list to come out.  Folks are going to be working on trying to fit back into last decade’s wardrobe or finally have that massive garage sale.   But let me add one:  cultivating a relationship with God.  Wait, don’t tune out.  Yes, I’m a preacher, but in case you’re thinking I’ve brought up the faith issue like an insurance salesman can be counted on to bring up a better policy for 2010 or a volunteer worker at the Red Cross might challenge you to give blood during the New Year, stop for a moment.  We’re talking about God, now.  There’s a reason why we call Him God–because He trumps everything else.  He’s bigger than anything else and more rewarding than anything else anyhow, anytime, anywhere.  If He weren’t, we wouldn’t call Him God.  We’d call Him Sam or Suzy or Wilbur.  The Bible tells us “He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Heb. 11:6).  So if you’re thinking of making God one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re on the right track.  And if the thought hasn’t crossed your mind, then let this post count as the first official one.

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