The Post-Holiday Vacuum

No more chestnuts roasting on an open fire.  Beloved family members have once again scattered.  It’s just you and those credit card bills.  Now what?  The work week is about to roar back into full operation, with nary a break in sight.  If you’re living in Ohio like I am, the weather won’t be cheering your mood much, either.    The cursed post holiday vacuum doesn’t seem good for much except to remind us there must be something more to life than this kind of endless cycle.    

“Resolution day” approaches when a lot of us are thinking about some good changes.  Once constructive internal dialogue gets going, we might come to the conclusion that the changes we need in our lives are way bigger than finally signing up for ballroom dancing or learning how to play guitar.   Every so often the Bible calls upon us to repent, which means to think differently.  John the Baptist and Jesus both told people to “repent,”  a one-word gospel message.  You can’t enter New Testament realities with a head full of old attitudes.  Even if you try, they’ll slow your progress later, maybe even stall you in the middle of the road.  You’ll need to repent at multiple places along the line, even as a Christian.  And yes, Christians frequently get into situations where they need repentance, too.  In the book of Revelation (chapters 2-3), entire churches were told to “repent.”  They had gotten into such conditions that they needed a 180 degree turn.

Even in the cleanest house dust has a tendency to settle again.


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