Living in the Infomercial

How can I speak of the existence of God by using the Bible, a book He has allegedly written? Critics could very well cry “foul” and accuse me of circular reasoning.  However, in doing so I hope to make points that can also be fairly observed outside the pale of biblical teaching.

God’s proof to us comes in thirds:  the physical evidence He has provided men (related to external and objective phenomenon)  then the psychological evidence (relating to the human soul), then spiritual evidence (related to the spirit of man).  We’ll start with the physical.

1.  Romans 1:18-22 is a passage that begins with “the wrath of God”  being shown against “all unrighteousness and ungodliness of men.”  This unrighteousness and ungodliness comes from “men who suppress the truth.”  In other words, they know what is true but they hold it down.  Why?  The next two words say they do it “in unrighteousness.”  They have unrighteous motivations.  It’s not pure science, etc.  It’s because they want to do certain things or have a certain lifestyle. 

What is that mysterious truth trying to rise up in them?  Verse 19 says, “That which may be known of God.”  This realization of God is “manifest in them because God has shown it to them.”  How?  Verse 20 says that “since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.”  So, created matter says something about the One who made it.  We are surrounded by evidence to the extent that we are living inside of an infomercial.  What we see, exactly, is “His eternal power and Godhead.”  In other words, we get the most vivid impression that something powerful brought the current physical order of things into existence.  Additionally, it is not just a power in the detached sense of the word, but a Personified intelligence that did it–“Godhead.”  Just how effective is the evidence?  The verse says that having been furnished this wall-to-wall proof, that “they are without excuse.”    There won’t be any appeals to a lack of evidence on the day of judgment.

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