Simplifying the Search for Words from God

If there is a God (which I believe there is), it seems reasonable that He would wish to communicate with us.  Easiest thing to do—talk to each one of us individually.  It’s simple and it’s direct.   Except it’s far from foolproof.  Small case in point:  the other day I helped a guy move and one of his buddies joined us, whom I didn’t know.  “What’s your name?”  he asked me.  So I told him.  Fifteen seconds later he asked me, “What’s your name again?”  It made we wonder what he was occupied with while I told him the first time.  Is my nose that gigantic?  Whatever it was, communication experts call that kind of subjective distraction “noise.”  And if it goes on while I’m talking, you better believe that it does while God tries to talk. 

One way of helping someone get out of their internal racket, is to simply communicate with them through written media.  It’s objective.  It doesn’t change with weather or mood or with whatever happens to be convenient.  It’s outside our heads and apart from our preferences.  Yes, we human beings can manage to twist and tweak any form of communication imaginable, but written words offer at least some sense of boundary and fixed meaning.  So that’s what we’re going to hunt for—written words from God.

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