You’re Getting Warm…Warmer…Warmer

Stack all the books in a pile that the world treats as spiritually authoritative, and they will form a small mountain.   It’s intimidating to even think of wading through them to look for Words from God.  What is the first thing that you would do?  Well, what would you do if I told you to go read a book by Elmer Smith?  Would you read every book ever written and hope that you would find one that felt kind of “Smithy,” or would you look for the name “Smith” on the cover?    Naturally, the second.

After surveying the books of the world’s great religions (no, I didn’t read every one of them since many have never been translated outside of their mother tongues), I was shocked to learn that very few principal religious works claim to be the words of God.  I began with the writings of Hindiusm–the Vedas, the Upanishad, and the Bagavad-Gita.  Then, on to the Dhammapada and Tripitaka of Buddhism, the sutras of Seikism, the writings of Confucius, and assorted Shintao, Taoist, and Zoroastrian writings.  In some way, shape, and form, all extolled virtue and general good living.  But there is a huge difference between a book written about virtue, a book written about God, and then a book written by God.   

After the dust settled and my search came to an end, the intimidating pile of books had shrunk down to two contenders:  the Koran and the Bible.  Only these two claimed with any degree of certainty to be the word of God.  I’ll get back to the Koran in a moment, but within the first three verses of the Bible, it has already begun saying, “And God said.” Then it goes on to repeat another 1,200 times variations of “This is what God says.”  it wasn’t proof positive, but I was getting warm and would soon be getting warmer.

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