A Ring of Authenticity

Where a lot of religious books set off on their merry way, making many fantastic claims, the Bible weaves into its narrative historical details, current events, persons, places, things, and times.  From that standpoint alone, no one can say it is simply a work of fiction, the result of the meandering inspiration of religious minds.   When we read of the birth of Jesus, for instance, we are told that Augustus Caesar was in power at that time (Luke 2:1), when John the Baptist appeared, it happened during the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar (Luke 3:1), and when Christ stood trial it was before a historical personage, Pontius Pilate.  This is to name a few.  The Bible is full of cities whose historicity has been verified by archaeology (Capernaum, Ninevah, Bethlehem, Tyre, etc.).  This is unlike the book of Mormon that names a great many places that have never been discovered by archaeology or otherwise verified by any findings direct or indirect.

There is a ring of authenticity to the Bible as it sprouts its narrative in our space-time fabric.  The biblical drama does not unfold in celestial paradises separated from our headlines and personages.

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