A Dose of Early Morning Darkness

There was a shooting on OSU today at 3:30 a.m.— another confirmed case of “workplace violence.”  There doesn’t seem to be any particulars to talk about yet, but a rash of comments have already made their way into various forums.  Views pro and con for handgun control have surfaced.  It’s as though the whole thing is just another opportunity to air out soapbox rhetoric.  Then there was the damage control.  The university quickly moved to congratulate itself on the alert text that it sent out to all the students–except that some students claimed they never got the text at all.  Oh well.  My mind keeps going to the dark place where someone received a horrible call this morning that the person they love more than anything in the world was murdered.   I keep putting myself in their shoes and it doesn’t feel good at all. 

Something like that can rock your world so severely that it will even alter your taste for pop culture.  I’ve sometimes wondered whether families that have suffered the loss of a beloved daughter to a serial killer, for instance, will ever again go see a slasher flick at the movies.  Would they consider ghoulish movie murderers like “Freddy” or “Jason” or “Michael Myers” as entertainment?  Not likely.  Darkness never tastes good and it leaves an aftertaste that fouls the very periphery of life itself.

One comment

  1. Drama makes the big bucks, but murder, rape and adultry are probably not that entertaining for someone who has experience one of them first hand. Providing those things as entertainment seems to desensitize people into thinking those things are no big deals.

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