For a few weeks now our church has run a series, The Momentum of Togetherness.  The focus has been on the New Testament church, and specifically, the impact that the church has on our experience and development as Christians.  The other day I strolled into a Christian bookstore meaning to look around and see what writers were saying about the subject.  An hour later I hadn’t found a thing.  There were scores of titles that emphasized better living and spiritual experiences. There were biographies and titles about men’s and women’s issues.  If I were a single guy looking for a date, there were books telling me how to go about that, too.  When a subject just doesn’t appear in a major book chain, that means low consumer demand or interest in it.  By the time I left the store, I felt that The Momentum of Togetherness would be going where few want to go in the Christian life.

Christians not interested in the church–now there’s a contradiction in terms.  But I guess I can’t blame anyone too much.  If you squirmed in a pew for a lot of your growing up years, the very idea of church carries about the same tasty remembrance as boiled liver.  Even if not, there are plenty of new uninspiring ways to think about it.  So when we started with our first message on the church, “Continuing the New Life,” I didn’t expect much.  After all, this  topic and lawnmower engine repair seem to rank equal on Christian bookstore shelves.  But I have to admit, it’s been good for us.  It’s good for the church to talk about the church from time to time.  (The book has now been published and is available in the store right here on Bare Knuckle).

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