Stephen Hawking and “No God Needed”

maths and science formula
So this is where it all goes, after a forty-year career in a highly theoretical field, after being confined to a wheelchair with ALS for most of that time, and with no function except brain.  Following tons of highly complex mathematics  (the stuff of genius), and mastering Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, as well as doing more than anyone to solve the riddle of black holes…the latest conclusion from Stephen Hawking is that God is not needed to explain the existence of the universe.

Okay, that’s hardly a new proposal.  Much dumber, less accomplished people have been saying that for years.    Many of them are not even scientists.  But when Hawking says it, that apparently makes it different. After all, he has an I.Q. of 160, best-selling books, and does math in his head the way we do it on a calculator.  So in Hawking’s latest book, The Grand Design, we are told that the universe is the result of spontaneous creation, that it created itself.  Is somebody…like…going to say something here, or are we supposed to let this pass in hushed reverence?  Is it possible for a smart guy to be wrong?  Can it be that the brilliant scientist has strayed into philosophy?

I’m trying to be sensitive here, so I don’t trigger angry allegations that a religious zealot is attacking something he doesn’t understand.  And I admit that I don’t understand it.    I have read some simple books chronicling Stephen’s accomplishments and what they mean, but I’m sorry, regardless of how many calculations involving negative numbers and imaginary space, and in spite of all the proposals generated, I don’t live in a world where matter spontaneously appears in an act of self-creation.

But it’s interesting how spontaneous creation might work in our world.
Defense attorney: “Your honor, the defendant was apprehended with the weapon, but it wasn’t his; it materialized there in the palm of his hand.”
Judge: “Are you crazy?”
Defense attorney: “No your honor, my calculations make it entirely possible.”

I know that Stephen must have a hundred pages of complex operations backing up his idea.  But I don’t live there–and neither does the rest of the human race.   We’re here, observing physical, psychological, and spiritual reality from this vantage point.

We were meant to see things this way, in this continuum, and connect with the reality that creation needs a Prime Mover, a First Cause.  You don’t have to be a physicist to say that.  You don’t even need to be good at math.

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