New Book — “Warning, Contains No Sugar”

Check out the latest e-book by John Myer in the store right here on Bare Knuckle!

Here’s a quick sneak peak:

“If you’re wondering what the title of this book means, it’s just this: comfy words won’t be spoken here. Once we start talking about spiritual leadership, what we’re really addressing is the welfare of God’s people. That’s serious. Most folks who aspire to leadership have little understanding of what they’re getting into. The nutshell version of it all comes down to people entrusting their souls to you. They trust you won’t lead them down a dark alley into religious extremes or doctrinal error, wasted time, or worst of all, a wasted life...”


One comment

  1. I read this a few days ago. It’s really, really good. Among other things, John brings out the importance of knowing what you say “yes” to: I’m guilty of (way) over-extending myself and being sloppy from time to time as a result. I finally realized as I heard some students bragging about all-nighters that pulling all-nighters and staying frazzled is a mark of immaturity. If only I’d realized that as a teenager. Or a college student. Or a grad student. Or a first or second-year faculty member…

    In any event, this is worth the time you will spend reading (and re-reading) it. The short (43 pp?) electronic format makes it especially useful–and a lot less daunting than other books you might try.

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