Monday’s Comin’

Our church watched this cool video on Easter—Sunday’s Comin.’  And Sunday came. It was fabulous.  There was Resurrection, high-fiving, and victory.

But Monday came, too.   My diet showed up, demanding repayment for all the peach pie and brownies I had eaten the day before. Homework had its hand out, wanting double time for assignments, since I had taken Sunday off. The dull ache in my back asked, Do you think this is stress, strain, or another wild episode of Kidney Stone? In the middle of it all, weekly responsibilities hopped on me like a monkey in a saddle. What does the empty tomb and the rolled away stone say to all that?

When it comes to the big story of Jesus in the Old Testament, everybody likes to land on Isaiah 53. That’s where you’ll find death and resurrection in hi-def. The book ends right there for most people. Sunday came. Jesus died and rose. End of story. But beyond that point the chapters keep chugging out. There’s Isaiah 54 and 55 and so on until chapter 66. It’s as though the book stopped and the prophet didn’t realize it. He keeps going like the car salesman who closes the deal on the Porsche and drifts into small talk about the weather.

It only seems that way.  You actually won’t find small talk in Isaiah. What happens in those following chapters basically tracks resurrection as it spreads up and out. It’s the risen Jesus going places—in you and through you to everybody you know. Chapter 53 was just getting started. Chapters 54 and beyond are a geyser-like eruption of the Good Friday-Easter story. The promises grow in intensity, ramping up into the best news ever heard in this world.


Crazy singing and celebration because of a new relationship with God (Isa. 54)
Invitation for all the inwardly bankrupt folks to come get God for free…and more crazy singing and celebration (Isa. 55)
No seeker of God will ever be a loser (Isa. 56)
Healing, comfort, and peace to all who have been beaten down and humbled (Isa. 57)
Your soul as a watered garden, ruined lives rebuilt, delight (Isa. 58)
God does all the fighting for you (Isa. 59)
So much light shining out of us that we become a magnet to the whole world (Isa. 60)
Favor (Isa. 61)
Delight (Isa. 62)
Justice and mercy (Isa. 63-64)
New heavens, new earth…and more crazy singing and celebration (Isa. 65).
Big glory, big rejoicing, and evil punished forever (Isa. 66).
This is life in the wake of Easter, although all my problems tend to just sit there, unfazed. I’ve come to discover that resurrection in my life is like a tea bag steeping in hot water. It gets into the homework, the backache, the diet, the grind, my feelings about the weather, etc. It’s slow-glory. If Friday brought the heavy lifting of redemption, and Sunday brought the validating miracle of resurrection, Monday brings the whole thing into the extremely common life of a guy named John.

I’m up for that.



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