Is a Christian Just Another Kind of Radical Fan?

2-1113tm-vector2-3119 Occasionally I wonder how my commitment to Christ looks to a person outside my own skin. I wonder because every now and then I get a chance to observe the passions of others. I recently watched a documentary called Trekkies, that explored the Star Trek subculture. The whole thing reminded me how people can get involved with hobbies at levels that disquiet the rest of us.

For instance, some Star Trek fans wear costumes to work—way over the top for a guy who worries about whether his Hawaiian shirts attract too much attention. Other fans go to special camps to learn fictitious alien languages, like Klingon. I tried once with French, but it didn’t go so well. Apparently, fans of Star Trek also like to wear rubber ears and headpieces to resemble beings from another planet. That’s amazing to me, given the amount of time I’ve spent trying to look like someone normal from this planet.

And don’t let me pick on Star Trek alone, here. While I’m at it, let’s add Mickey Mouse. Elvis. Sports teams. Zombies. Marilyn Monroe. Star Wars. You name it, we’ve got a fan club for it as well as a whole range of eccentric behaviors. I even read about a guy who got twenty-five tattoos of Olivia Newton-John (okay, that’s going back a ways).

I can’t say I’m exactly this way with Jesus. I’m not obsessed with a thing or an image or religious regalia. I don’t have a celebrity crush, like the guy who told me that God told him he was “the one” for Taylor Swift (Oh brother). I’m not interested in Jesus action figures that sell for two hundred dollars each. But I am radical about a real Person with whom I have an actual relationship. I’m hoping you are, too. Our commitment to the Son of God is in a personal relationship that is direct, portable, experiential, and accountable. If we’re weird, it’s because of that.

You can call it committed or dedicated, or sold out. Here’s a word you might not often use: consecrated. It mainly turns up in the Old Testament and even then a lot of the time it’s associated with priests and sacrifices, stuff you probably don’t think relates to you. Consecrate means “to fill the hand.” When a person is consecrated, their hands are full. Typically the Old Testament priests had their hands full of sacrifices to God (Exodus 29:26-27 NKJV)—usually a ram.

Okay, here’s where it all intersects your life. In the New Testament, there’s a shift from animals to the great sacrifice of Christ Himself. Now a consecrated person is one whose hands are full of Christ. If you’re consecrated, you got a lot in your hands. Jesus isn’t the parsley that decorates or accentuates some other purpose for living. He is the main course—”In Him dwells all the fullness of the godhead bodily” (Col. 2:9 NKJV).

And that makes Him bigger than the Beatles.

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