What’s Going On Here?

As of last week, I began making some thematic changes in this blog.  It’s probably way overdue.  I want to create a more unified look in my graphics, make some tweaks to the banner, etc., and I’m not done yet. All of this has interrupted my writing schedule for the time being.

If you have gotten used to simply dropping in because you’ve figured out my posting rhythm (3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday), let me encourage you to hit the little blue “Follow Bareknuckle Bible” button.  It will let you definitely know when the next post arrives.  Besides, the button isn’t booby-trapped.

I hope to be writing again shortly, since it’s death for a blog to let it go cold.  In the meantime, you can always check out some of my archived stuff–there’s plenty of it.  I’m tempted to hide a Dinner-for-two coupon somewhere in here just to get you looking, but I figure the writing alone ought to  make you do that.

…or maybe I could spare a couple of Happy Meal coupons.

cartoon portrait


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