Welcome to America’s Grand Experiment with Unreality

We seem embroiled in debates over things that used to be self-evident.

We used to know what sex we were.  If you were a man and feeling particularly feminine you could always do a quick check “south of the border.”  That would answer the gender question.   An added bonus was knowing which bathroom to enter.

We knew which sex to marry. It was easy.  You picked the one opposite your own that had parts…ahem…that interlocked with yours.   From the beginning of the world, the ancients had that one down.  Animals figured out the mating thing, too.

We used to know right from wrong, and that there was a right and wrong.  It wasn’t a matter of how many people liked it on Facebook, or how many bumper stickers proclaimed it, or celebrities endorsed it.

We knew what was a human life, and “choice” was something made before going into the bedroom, because there wouldn’t be so many “choices” later.

We used to know when to be ashamed.

Then we got smart.  We pulled out all the stops.  Recruited postmodern philosophy, agenda-driven science, idealistic political theory.

Under the influence of this elixir, we told ourselves that there are no absolutes, only social compacts that can change according to the times and the talk shows.  Whoever didn’t agree would be labeled a hater or a bigot.  Conversation over.

in the name of love and non-judgment, some Christians got on board, giving the big thumbs-up to all these developments.  Wanting to appear humane, they presented the lamb of God, blood-free.  They took the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and pulled his teeth.  Now there is such a thing as churches welcoming people without repentance, and offering salvation without transformation.  It’s the most unloving thing of all.

Our country has entered an experiment with unreality, where we eliminate boundaries and “think to change the times and the law” (Daniel 7:25 ).  When this happens, the very things set up by a faithful Creator no longer seem to make sense.

As a result, we dispute issues that ought to be self-evident.  Befuddled by our desire for lawlessness, we’ve tried to create an alternate reality contoured to fit our sin.

The problem is “drift,” a small word with big implications.

Someone I know fell asleep briefly on a raft while in the Gulf of Mexico.  It was a quick siesta of five minutes or so.  But in that amount of time, drift carried her over to a fishing platform, where the water slams against the massive wooden pier legs.  She woke up with barely enough time to get away.

We are on this same cheap plastic raft, in a world where nothing is stable.

Our natural tendency is drift.

But it doesn’t have to be.

19 We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain,20 where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf… (Heb. 6).

We have an anchor.  If you let it go, you’ll drift. If society cuts loose from it, even if the tie was simply indirect and cultural, it will drift.

Ultimately, Christ is the anchor for everything else.  Only He can stabilize souls.

But Jesus doesn’t anchor us in the past, as though His perfect ideal was found in 1955.  Remember, He has gone before us as a forerunner.  It is from the position of the future that He anchors us where the work of God is complete and glory total, where victory is certain.

That means we’re actually anchored in something more relevant, continually more up-to-date than anything happening today.

The good life isn’t about drifting into outrageous self-contradictions and then defending them as if they reflect reality.

Besides, that sounds like a lot of energy to me.

It’s easier to stay anchored.



  1. A disciple of Christ can do no less. Our responsibility begins and ends with tossing out the lifeline. The Holy Spirit then saves, or condemns, the drowning man…

  2. Hi Don,

    I think many of us are troubled about the state of things in the U.S. It reminds me of the decline of the Roman Empire and Augustine’s “City of God” written to the Roman Christians who were troubled by it. There’s the city of man and the city of God. We inhabit both but we only trust in one. I’m not happy about the tortured downward path the nation has gotten on, but I plan to ride the gospel horse as long as I have life in these bones, with a stronger spirit, more truth, more light, more service, and building up the church as though Jesus returns tonight.


  3. John,

    I no longer live in the Land of the (once) free, haven’t for some years now. I probably shouldn’t comment at all, I haven’t even voted since Ronnie. However, I will comment as an outsider looking in.

    First, it is readily apparent to me, and others of my “ilk”, that an excess of sin, of the most perverse kind a human mind can dredge up from the lowest depths of the pits of hell, has driven America, in general, absolutely insane. Certifiably, criminally, stark raving mad.

    And secondly, most sadly of all, America has become the laughing stock of the entire world but especially the third world. I live amongst Amazonian Indians who regularly snack on grilled, shish-ka-bobbed grub worms (mmm-mmm) and other creeping, crawling critters with varying numbers of moving parts as well as low-hanging fruit. These people, when in town, instinctively KNOW, which restroom to use and/or not use. When told of the latest, greatest most pressing problems in the Great Northern Kingdom of Ah-Merika they all, without exception, burst out in hysterical laughter. This is comedy material to these people and they will be laughing about it for decades to come. If we’ve got that much time left. My personal belief is we do not.

    I am truly saddened and sickened by what has happened to the land I grew up in and once called home. There is hope. His name is Jesus as you pointed out. However, you can throw a drowning man a life-line, yet if he refuses to grab on to it you can only look on sadly as he drowns. Freedom of choice dontcha know…that free will we were all given before birth.

    I just told a friend that I would pray that common sense come to reign, yet again, in America. In other words I’ll pray for the impossible, knowing full well that we serve a God Who specializes in impossibilities.

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