Why it’s Hard to Be Thankful Even When We Try

There are three reasons why I’m posting an audio message this time rather than a written piece: 

  1. My Thanksgiving week is packed. I’ll be at a funeral/have multiple appointments/ be spending a lot of time with friends.
  2. This audio message captures my mood better than a written piece. It’s approximately 38 minutes, which might be more time than you wanted to invest here, but the teaching has a number of relevant connection points.  If it seems to abruptly stop at the end, that’s because I start addressing in-house concerns, and had our tech people chop off the trailer.
  3. Doing something different for a change is not a bad idea. You probably have never heard me preach.  Okay, it might not be a treat for you, but the good news is you can always hit the stop button.  That will make me shut up immediately.

If audio isn’t your thing, then I still want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and invite you back here next week.  I’m already working on a nice post.

cartoon portrait


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