Bareknuckle Newsflash

For several years now, all my posts have followed the raw material of our church messages. 

I spent a fair amount of time on the content, tweaking, strengthening, clarifying, enriching, but never shortening any of it.  The result was usually a gargantuan piece ranging from 1,500-2,500 words.

Most of you have been good sports, skimming these weekly, and some of you (presumably a much smaller number) have been saints, reading each word with the patience of Job.  I hope you felt the care I put into the writing.

Spoken messages never translate well into written form (the main reason why I refuse to post transcriptions), and so week after week, I’ve invested substantial energy into crafting each piece for publication.   But in 2018, other writing projects beckon.  In order to attend to them, I’ll need to change some things around.

That’s why I’m going to adopt a shorter format every week.  Instead of a full-blown, illustrated, and applied theological piece, I’ll deliver talking points for our spiritual journey that range from 200-500 words, that is, typical blog posts!

For those excited about this change, trust me, I am too.

But for those who will miss the longer posts, thank you, and bless your hearts. You’re my favorite people.




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