Oh, Judas

Tonight, 2000 years ago, one Man announced a covenant of sacrificial love.  Another man put a dollar value on it.

Please enjoy this Maundy Thursday guest post from poet Monika Langguth:

Oh, Judas! Betrayer
Seller To The Slayer
You Sold Him Who Loved You The Best
Silver Coins. Forty Pieces.
Your Legend Increases
All History Now Knows The Rest.

Though We Were Not With You
We May Have Sold Him, Too
It’s So Easy To Say In Hindsight
Would We Have Denied Him?
And Yelled, “Crucify Him!”
Would We Have Perceived Him As Light?

Though You Had Walked With Jesus
You Knew Not That He Frees Us
All You Needed To Do Was Repent
You Could Not Bear To See
They Nailed Him To A Tree
So The Silver You Sought, Never Spent.

Then You Ran Off Alone
He’d Have Made You His Own
And You Hung Yourself The Scriptures Say
With Him You Could Be Living –
His Heart Ever Forgiving
Sadly You Didn’t Know Him That Way.

From You, We Must Now Learn
From Our Sins We Must Turn
We Must Run To The Savior, Our Lord
He’d Have Freed You From Grief
As He Did With The Thief
Heaven’s One Loss We Cannot Afford.

Monika Langguth
August 16th, 2006©
To God be the Glory!

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