An Update from Bareknuckle John

Now that our study of Revelation is over for the year, I am about to begin the first sabbatical of my thirty-plus years in ministry. This two month  break will be more than just a break from preaching. It will be a complete rest from weekly church leadership.  

I’m packing up books, wife, and fishing equipment, and taking off.

This is not just for the sake of rest, but for the sake of my focusing upon and finishing a project–the major book project I’ve been working on in fits and starts. Seems that excellent things like planting a church, preparing messages every week, spending endless creative energy, discipleship, weekly meetings, writing other books, and conducting overseas events, have conspired for ten years to keep my present manuscript in a perpetual outline/first draft quagmire.    

This blog is also part of the log-jam.  For that reason, I’ve decided over the next few months to post bits and pieces of things I’m learning and experiencing during my sabbatical. That kind of posting plan will seem more like potpourri than robust Bible study, but shorter, less intense writing will free me to think about my manuscript.

And yes, this is a sabbatical, so I have promised only to work weekdays until 12 noon.  Anything after that point belongs to either swimming, or art, and when it cools down in the evening, Largemouth Bass. I’m off on weekends, too. That means I will be visiting relatives, and trying hard not to gain a bazillion pounds (because in the land of my nativity, folks learned many moons ago that everything tastes better fried).     


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