New Experiences

I hope you don’t mind a little break from my customary writing.  I’ve tried to establish Bareknuckle as a dead serious brand of commentary, free of light banter.  But I’ve been hitting it hard since 2019, and I’m overdue for a couple of marshmallow posts, like personal updates and a bit of travelogue.    

Let me quickly sum up the travelogue part:  Our Louisiana adventure this year has consisted of the Cajun cuisine of my wife’s relatives, fishing with nephews, gun play at a favorite range, and a family reunion in an antique shop belonging to a relative.  We also had a lively worship service to honor the faith of a family member who has struggled with cancer.  On the last leg of the trip, I swam in the Gulf of Mexico.  Probably this has been the most varied trip I’ve had in thirty-seven years of visits. 

And here’s my personal update:  my new pending contract with a traditional publishing house.   I have never courted the attention of any publisher, and you might say I still haven’t.  I had only sent a couple of sample chapters out to an established house, thinking their editorial review board would get back to me with reasons why they didn’t like my writing—perhaps offering a brief professional critique.  Instead, they called me with all the reasons why they liked my sample chapters, and why they wanted to publish my book.  

I got a contract the next day.

Will I like working with a publisher?  I don’t know.  I’ve studied the publishing industry backwards and forwards for a number of years, and I’m not under any illusions about it.  One good thing I’m facing already is the necessity of actually finishing the book.  Now that I’m no longer on the freewheeling schedule of a self-publisher, there won’t be any more dabbling with a manuscript in fits and starts.  My hard completion date is December 1st, with a possible publication date of June 2022.  

Much, much more to come… 

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