The Latest Victim of the Tar Pits (An Update)

Saber-Toothed Tigers and giant sloths aren’t the only ones that got stuck.  

Last year I announced the good news of my latest book (“New Experiences”) and its tentative release date of June, 2022 (“Deadline Day”). 

News flash:  June has come and gone.

No book.  

The publisher informed me that due to the sluggish supply chain situation this year, and paper being one of its victims, my book would not see a launch date until October. 

It’s stuck.

I’ve known this for months, but decided to sit on the information since I’m not the type to complain every time a setback occurs.  

In the meantime, I’ve disclosed very little about the book itself, or even the title.

More to come next week…




  1. Just curious … think about releasing it on Kindle first and then print when you can? Not sure if that’s possible given your situation / arrangement with a publisher / etc. But that’s what I did with a novel.

    1. Hi Larry,

      Ya, you hit the nail on the head. Although I had 100% creative control over the book’s content, and 50% over the cover design, I have zero over the format publishing schedule. I suppose those are some of the trade-offs going traditional.

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