A Shout Out to Bareknuckle Readers Old and New

Last week I promised further information about my new book, so here’s a little more.

The title is:

Alive On the Inside:  A Biblical Survey of the Inner Life.

At 336 pages, this work handles everything from the second birth to the enlivened conscience, fellowship, and intuitive functions of the new life within a believer.    

There’s more to say about it, but rather than continuing to pepper this blog with further updates, I’ve decided to do something else.  

I’ve created a newsletter called “The Creekbed” which I’ll use for personal ministry updates, and what-not.  I probably should have done this from the beginning of Bareknuckle (ten years ago?) but didn’t want the extra work.    

Well, here I am, finally forced to do that extra work.

If you’d like to hear more about my book, the launch, and my subsequent activities, shoot your email address over to me (Johncmyer@gmail.com), and I’ll put you on my list.   

And by the way, if you do this, I’ll send you a free e-book called Keep Growing: Talking Points for Disciples of Jesus.   It’s a compilation of polished, best-of Bareknuckle posts about discipleship.

Here’s to the future!


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