Small Changes I had Nothing to do With (An Update)

This post is my effort to include you in the last little bit of process before my latest book goes into print.  

For those of you not so interested, I’ve kept the article mercifully short.  

I enjoy self-publishing because in that world, the author is the publisher, chief editor, director of the art department, and head of marketing.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you do all of it yourself, only that after navigating the effort, including all the work you contracted out, the end product is your responsibility.  If there’s something in the final version you’re not over the moon about, you only have yourself to blame. And of course, The financial losses or gains are all yours.

But traditional publishing is another animal.  The author is not king over most things, because other people are sinking their hard earned bucks into your publishing venture.  They’re not interested in losing their shirts over an author’s artistic quirks.  

In that world, while content is mostly the author’s domain (with partnership from the editorial department), things like cover design, or even title may not be.  Yeah, I got a dose of that a few weeks back when I noticed the publisher had changed my subtitle from A Biblical Survey of the Inner Life to Cultivating Your Inner Life. 

Anyhow, it’s another small change along the way to print.

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