Invite John

John ministry1I am available for ministry at your location for:

* Conference speaking
* Sunday morning guest preaching
* Teaching events
* Workshops (marriage, how to preach, devotionals, etc.).

However, I can only accept a small number of invitations every quarter.  The earlier you schedule me, the better.  Please note that September through mid-October, and the month of January are blackout dates.  I am not available during those times.

You can contact me through the form at the bottom of this page. 


What will this cost?  Aside from requiring my travel and lodging expenses, I don’t have a set fee. I leave this up to your personal sense of fairness and what the Lord provides through the church.  I see my visit to your event as a service to you and the kingdom of God.  However, as part of the scheduling process, I will confirm that you have thought through the practical aspects of the proposed event.  That way I’m less likely to travel a thousand miles to visit a group of seven people, who forgot to tell the rest of the group I would be there (Yes, I have extensive experience with the exciting world of itinerate ministry).



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